Selling Your Home with The Andrew Smith Team

When it comes time to sell your home, if you're like most sellers, your objective is to sell for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. That won't happen by snapping a few photos with your phone, putting a sign in the yard and putting the property in the MLS. So how does it happen? It all starts by having a system to manage the 115 different variables involved in the home selling process, understanding the power of pre-marketing campaigns, using professional photographers and videographers as well as understanding the profile of the most likely buyer, and putting your home in front of them. The Andrew Smith Team has a proven, repeatable system that guarantees your house will receive the maximum exposure and highest price in the shortest amount of time. Contact Us if you would like to learn more about putting our system to work for you.

How is Price Determined?

Many people assume that agents determine a homes list price (some agents might even lead you to believe they do), but this is not true. The sole pricing tool of many agents is the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) a document that looks at the most recent comparable sales to determine the sales price of your home. While looking at what has happened plays a part, it is equally important to know where the market is heading. After all, you don't drive your car looking solely in the rear view mirror, do you? The CMA won't tell you if the home that recently sold was a rental, divorce situation, in need of repairs etc., all factors that play a role in pricing. Understanding current market trends, absorption rates, buyer preferences, mortgage rates and seasonality, to name a few, all play a part. The truth is that the market determines the price, which is why working with an expert advisor is vitally important. Together, we will review the market data and jointly develop the plan that positions your home correctly so that your home selling goals and objective are met.

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